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What does preparing a car for ceramic protection consist of?
Ceramic coating offers durable, glossy protection with a ceramic look. Its application will allow the car to require less intensive maintenance and only simple and regular cleaning inside and outside. In addition, it guarantees the useful life of the paint avoiding stains, aging or any unpleasant appearance that is commonly normal before sun exposure.

Best of all, once the ceramic coating is applied by the professional detailer, it will be difficult for this to be removed by an external agent, unless an industrial polishing machine or sandpaper is used. In addition, all the paint coating and the metals that make up the car will be protected from the dangers of corrosion and oxidation.
Why detail the car?
  Revalue the value of the vehicle when creating a sale.
  It will improve the aesthetics of the paint and its shine.
  It will keep a better state.
  You will be protected against polluting agents such as UV rays.
Why detail the car?
The duration of the treatment will depend on the product used and the care given to the vehicle after its application. It can vary between 2 and 8 years depending on the chosen hardness. Having a ceramic treatment involves cleaning the car in the correct way. Always with suitable products that do not harm the treatment and the paint. Therefore, it is most convenient to have it carried out by an accredited Detailer or a professional detailing center. At Premier Mobile Wash we carry out the preparation and application of ceramic treatments.
Protect Exterior 
Step 1
- We wash with a water pressure machine. This is how we achieve the first Decontamination.
Step 2
- We dry with an air machine and review with a rag.
Step 3
- Chemical spray to remove iron particles and other contaminants from exterior paint.
Step 4
- Second deep wash with pressurized water and shampoo.
Step 5
- Drying with a pressurized air machine and we go over with a microfiber cloth.
Step 6
- We will mechanically decontaminate the exterior paint with a clay bar or glove.
- Tar removal and something left and couldn't be removed we checked everything.
Step 7
- Third deep wash with pressurized water and shampoo.
Step 8
- Dry with air machine and check with rag and Sterilize the surface and prepare for polishing.
- We prepare and cover the plastics and rubbers around the exterior for polishing.
Step 9
Step 10
- We put the ceramic.
Step 11
- We cover and put protection for 3 to 5 years.
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The complete protection includes all the features of the exterior coating package plus all the features of the ceramic coating package for rubber leather crystals..
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Ceramic Protection Plastic Rubbers and Crystals
The coating layer for the interior of automobiles, boats, planes, etc. is applicable on all surfaces of fabrics, leather, plastics and glass. Consequently, these surfaces have their corresponding technical application. The application of the ceramic layer inside your car slows down the aging process of the vehicle surfaces and the protective layer will protect and resist stains and material wear. The application of a ceramic layer in the interior of the vehicle maintains and restores the surfaces again, also adding a hydrophobic protective layer to the surface, which will resist damage from water, dirt and dirt.

Ceramic Interior Coatings are the ultimate in protection for your vehicle’s interior surfaces.
Ceramic Fabric Coatings will create a hydrophobic protective layer on your vehicle’s fabrics, repelling liquids and resisting stains. Ceramic Plastic Coatings form a protective layer for plastic surfaces, protecting them from scuff marks and UV damage. Ceramic Leather Coatings will make your leather hydrophobic and lessen the chance of it becoming soiled or stained.
We carry two exceptional Ceramic Interior Coating brands, Ceramic and Opti-Guard. Both manufacturers offer warranties for their interior packages. Ask one of our friendly staff members for more information.
Ceramic Interior Coating is Perfect for:
• Interior Fabrics
• Interior Plastic Surfaces
• Interior Leather Surfaces
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